Real Estate

Real estate transactions can be complex, confusing, and even intimidating. The team at Rollins & Murray, P.A. will help you navigate the process and attain the best possible results. Our experienced attorneys can anticipate and address your real estate needs in an efficient and effective manner.

Real Estate Contracts

Real estate is a major investment and commitment, so you don’t want to rush into any real estate transactions without having an attorney review the contract first. The real estate attorneys at Rollins & Murray, P.A. can review your purchase agreement and make modifications and recommendations that protect your interests.

Deed Transfers

In Maryland, the sale or transfer of property includes the creation of a deed, which is a legal document that defines each party’s rights and responsibilities. Whenever a property is being sold, willed, or given to another party other than the current owner, the deed must be legally transferred from the current owner to the new one.


Three types of deeds are used for transfer of real property in Maryland:


  • Warranty Deed – This type of deed is used most often since it offers the best protection for the buyer. A warranty deed guarantees that the property is free of any liens or other legal claims. With this deed, the seller promises to pay for any undisclosed claims that surface in the future.
  • Limited Warranty Deed – When this deed is used, the seller only guarantees that the property was free of any legal claims while they owned it. If claims arise after the sale, the buyer is responsible for the costs.
  • Quitclaim Deed – A quitclaim deed simply transfers ownership interest between two parties. It does not include any guarantees that the property is free of liens or claims.

Boundary Line Disputes

Boundary line disagreements can put a wedge between neighbors, especially when the lines aren’t clearly defined. Legal disputes can arise when one owner plans to use the part of the property in question for any purpose, such as building or growing something on it. If you and your neighbor can’t come to a reasonable agreement, our attorneys will help you fight for your rights.

Easements and Right-of-Way Disputes

Both easements and rights-of-way include legal rights to use land owned by someone else for a specific purpose. However, an easement is a permanent part of the property regardless of who owns it, and a right-of-way is established by a current property owner and could be a temporary agreement.

At Rollins & Murray, P.A., our real estate attorneys represent property owners over easement and right-of-way issues that include:


  • Negotiating relocation of easements and rights-of-way
  • Limiting access over easements and rights-of-way
  • Challenges regarding scope of use
  • Claims of overuse

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