Business Law

If you’re starting a new business, or buying or selling an existing business, you need to determine how best to plan and structure your venture. With broad-based business law expertise, Rollins & Murray, P.A. can explain the best options for your unique situation. Our lawyers are experienced in business formation, business dissolution, shareholder disputes, sale of business, and transfer of shares.

Business Formation

Embarking on a new business venture is exciting, but it is important to make sure the business is set up correctly so that you can avoid setbacks and achieve your objectives. Our business law attorneys will sit down with you to listen to your business plans before recommending the business entity that best suits your needs.


To help you get up and going, we can work with you on:

  • Employee contracts
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Vendor agreements
  • Employee policies

Business Dissolution

Businesses close or break-up for many reasons – whether it’s because of poor profitability, disputes among stakeholders, deaths, natural disasters, or simply a mutual decision among owners. No matter the cause, it’s essential to have an experienced business law attorney by your side when you take the step to dissolve your organization.


Before you take that step, it is important to develop a comprehensive exit strategy that will protect you from continuing liability while effectively resolving all remaining business issues with minimal economic impact.

Shareholder Disputes

One of the biggest threats to the stability of a business is disagreements among shareholders. While it is preferable that business partners work together to resolve disputes, sometimes legal action may be required to protect your financial investments and assets.

Disputes among partners can arise from:


  • Failure to honor fiduciary duties
  • Failure to satisfy obligations set forth in a business contract
  • Secret business dealings

Sale of Business

Once you’ve decided to sell your business, many important decisions will need to be made before the transfer can happen. A major element of the sale of a business is a contract. The lawyers at Rollins & Murray, P.A. can draft and negotiate a contract that protects your interests and results in a successful sale.

Transfer of Shares

In general, stock shares are transferable. Shareholders can sell them, estates can distribute them to heirs, and judges can award them in court. If you are looking to move your shares, our experienced business law attorneys can assist you in transferring stock to another shareholder in an efficient manner.

We’re here for you!

From the creation of a new business to meeting the demands of an existing business to the dissolution of a company, the team at Rollins & Murray, P.A. stands ready and willing to assist you. Give us a call today for your business law needs OR….